One Ning To Rule Them All?

I just posted a reply to a forum discussion about possible Skypecasts about using Ning. What was funny about this is that I posted a reply regarding the possibilty of using Steve Hargadon‘s idea for the EduBloggerWorld work. Needless to say, I think I sort of confused Steve. (Steve, I’m not an idiot, really.) But this got me thinking some more… there are so many networks, I am getting confused myself sometimes. No wonder our teachers are dizzy about technology… their heads are spinning.

Anyways, I like the simplicity of this Ning network… All education, all the time. Same education channel, same educational time. It seems that this might be the “One Ning To Rule Them All”. Well, at least for education.

So where do you start teachers new to social networking? Facebook (ah!), MySpace (ah! ah!) or with one where they know they’ll be getting into it with fellow teachers? I vote for the latter.

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What’s Above Your Head?

If you are a Google Earth user and you haven’t updated lately, you might want to soon. Google released it’s latest upgrade, Google Earth 4.2 [get it here] with a significant feature, a Sky view. Here is a video I found on YouTube that features Sally Ride, the first American woman astronaut, being introduced to the new sky feature. You can learn more about Google Earth’s newest updates at the Google Earth Blog.

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This is just another of Google’s great updates to an already awesome application. I can only imagine this becoming a rich part of any astronomy curriculum and the millions of astronomy enthusiasts world wide.

Challenger Learning Center, Rochester, NY

I haven’t quite thought of how I might use it, but I wanted to pass it along to you all anyways. We have a strong Challenger Learning Center in our department that is run by some truly amazing guys. I’m sure they will get a kick out of the new feature an put it to good use during their space simulations with students. Oh, if you want an educational and entertaining podcast about “Earth, Mars and Everything in Between”, check out the Challenger SpaceCast.

God Speed.

Window to this EduBlogger’s World

Here is my post for the EduBloggerWorld Meet Up.

Where do you blog?
At home mostly, my work time is mainly made up of serving our students, teachers, and administrators, but is the source of many of my blog posts. I also blog from conferences and workshops and, although rarely, a meeting worthy of being blogged. πŸ™‚ I also enjoy a good coffee shop with free wi-fi, don’t we all?

Home Office (Read some notes)

Work Office (Read some notes…)

How often do you blog?
I try to blog at least once a week as I learn more about blogging and connecting with others. I have a lot of posts brewing at anyone time, some make it to publish, some don’t. (I hope some of you experience the same or I’m just really bad (or busy)).

What do you blog about?
I started blogging about mobile technology, specifically handheld computers at, but I found that having a blog dedicated to just mobile technology wasn’t working out well. I wanted more so I decided to blog here about education, learning and technology. I pepper in a few posts about mobile technology from time to time and I’m sure there will be a variety of topics concerning potential and ongoing projects that I am involved with at work.

Why is blogging so important to you?
It’s all about learning. I am learning so much from all the RSS feeds that I read. It’s truly a great system. This blog is just one way I hope to contribute back to the edublogosphere that has provided me with so much.

I also hope that this blog will stand as an example of how teachers and administrators (and ultimately students) can build connections and extend learning beyond the school walls and established school hours.

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iPhone iRony

So I received this catalog in the mail today and I noticed the mobile devices set upon the desktop organizer (one that I have BTW, in black of course). Save the fact that there may be multiple people using this desk, doesn’t it seem funny that they would put an iPhone next to a camera, next to a Shuffle and next to a video iPod? Just one more way that our clients and students might be confused about which tool does what. Is this really working smart?


Intelligent Classroom

A former technology director in our area used the term “intelligent classroom” to describe a classroom that was rich with technology tools. With the influx of interactive whiteboards, iPods, and yearly cycle of replacement computers, the term was used to ask what such a classroom would look like.

So there are some tremendously thoughtful people reading this.

Specific content areas aside, what technologies should every classroom be equipped with?

What about outside of the classroom? After all, the School 2.0 diagram portrays our schools as very much outside the bricks and mortar of our current model.

I’ll post the results from the responses in another post. Don’t be shy, consider it a wishlist

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Serving the Masses

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During my time online, I run into many educational technology specialists (or some other title) with the role of integrating technology into instruction and learning. From where I sit now, the majority of these people seem to be serving one school or one district. There seems to be a minority here that serves several to many districts. I work for a regional cooperative in New York State called a BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services). There are many of these regional BOCES that serve the districts throughout our decentralized state. I work in the Technology Services department for Monroe #1 BOCES east of Rochester. We have 10 large suburban school districts in our cooperative.

A tweet to iJohnPederson confirmed that he too works for a cooperative agency. I hope to connect with you if you are in the same boat, as I think we have a unique situation in that we are not always in on the day-to-day or week-to-week operations of a district or school.

What I’m wondering…

  1. Who is working or have worked for such an organization?
  2. What are your specific roles?
  3. What Web 2.0 tools are working for you to effectively communicate with your districts?

8 Random Facts

I was tagged by Sue Waters in Australia for this one… not normally a meme kinda guy, but thought it was good to let you in on my world a little bit… enjoy. And please, don’t think less of me. πŸ™‚

First, the Rules:

1. Post these rules before you give your facts
2. List 8 random facts about yourself
3. At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them
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My Random Facts

  1. I’ve been gray since Mr. Buttermore’s 9th grade Spanish class when Karen W. pulled the first one out… down hill ever since.
  2. I used to teach physical education… strange jump to instructional technology… ask me about it sometime.
  3. When I walked into the Bull & Finch (a.k.a. Cheers) in Boston, somebody new my name (a proud moment)
  4. Like Dean, I can insert lines from Tommy Boy, Fletch, and Caddie Shack in just about any situation.
  5. I sleep, according to Google, 678.70 feet (121.56 Smoots) from where I slept growing up.
  6. Unlike a lot of husbands, I admit that my wife is smarter than me.
  7. I’m a Rush fan (Neil Peart rulez!)
  8. All my siblings (1 brother, 2 sisters) have the initials KMS I’m left out with BCS, yet younger sister is the only one in the family to have red hair.

Who I tag
I am tagging Tony, Karen, Chris, oh, I can’t think of anyone else at this point… baseball is on!