I have the Shifts

My mind is all over the place lately.  After NYSCATE earlier this week, I’ve been giving some thought to my focus lately.  My focus has been on connecting and networking online.  That’s good.  But I think it’s just one phase of the shift that educators need to work through.  It’s very much a journey for me.  I’m not sure where I’ll end up (if at all), but I am enjoying it. 

Right now though, I feel like I’m stuck with choosing a direction.  Mind you, I’m speaking personally here, not professionally.  On second thought, I’m not sure that is even possible for me anymore. What I do on my own time is embedded in what I do professionally. 

Here is some of what I’m looking to do:

  • continue to teach and promote connective learning
  • explore more creative applications for learning
  • learn about programming as it applies to learning
  • study more on the impact of social networks for learning

Note to self: What is the common denominator?  Learning.

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Welcome to Blogging

Welcome to my new friends and colleagues in the Western New York – Powerful Learning Practices (WNY-PLP) group!

Undoubtedly, Web 2.0 tools, including the infamous blog, may be completely new to many of you. This post is designed to give you a sense for the blogging experience. I’d like you (both WNY-PLP participants and you other readers out there in the blogosphere) to comment on the following:

  • What was your first perception of blogs or bloggers?
  • Do you currently read blogs?
  • Do you have a blog?
  • Other thoughts/feelings? (it’s okay, let it out)
  • What are your suggestions for those new to blogging and looking to get started soon? (For those already blogging.)

Thanks for your input folks. I’ll hope to be seeing you in the blogosphere (a mystical place where conversations go to be connected).

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