Theories, Approaches & Teaching

I’m currently reading Communities of Practice by Etienne Wenger and as I began a question popped into my head. Do most educators knowingly base their practice within a particular theory or approach?

A web search for theories of learning turned up a site that categorized learning theories into Paradigms:

Behaviorism – Based on stimulus-response and can be explained without considering conscious thought.

Cognitivism – Mental function can be understood where the learner is seen as an information processor.

Constructivism – Learning is an active, constructive process where students expected to construct understanding and knowledge from information.

Humanism – learning is a personal act to fulfill one’s potential where learner has affective and cognitive needs.

I imagine that most educators use a variety of these in their practice, but I wonder if most educators identify with one more than the other, if at all. Should an educator base themselves within one of these paradigms?

Does identifying one’s practice within one of these paradigms provided a entry point for a joining a community of practice?