Multi-task with a Purpose

I’m not the strongest blogger. I honestly struggle with writing posts. Most times they just seem, to me, to be so thin and inconsequential. I’ve been told that some of my best posts/comments take place in a few Ning networks that are supporting some local initiatives that I am a part of. So, I decided to share a snippet of one comment I wrote in response to the topic “Learning 2.0”. The following was in response to a colleagues comment on how students have the ability to multi-task.

I think we have to really look at what purposeful multitasking looks like. If the student is using SMS, IM, MySpace, etc. while doing homework, are they using them to accomplish the work before them or are they just distractions to make it more enjoyable? I would argue this is a very common thing. Is this good? I guess the skill of dividing attention is okay, but not when the tasks are disparate.

Without learning how to construct and synergize information into meaningful knowledge, hypothesis or questions are students simply a feather in the wind? I think there are those that are more effective multi-taskers and those that are simply distracted. Understanding the difference is important.

Take Twitter, once someone gets an understanding of how it works and how to leverage it, they can use it during the day to solicit information from their network, while they accomplish another task. That’s multitasking, but it has a purpose. We had a saying when I was coaching… move with purpose. Maybe we should “multi-task with a purpose.”

So this is where I ask what your take is… how do you multi-task? What ways have you seen purposeful multi-tasking by students?

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Students 2-Oh (My Gosh)

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Just came across this this morning as I was skimming some “tweets” on my Twitter network this morning. Arthus, posted that he was checking on and talking up Student2.0.

I’m excited about this. I love the line “Watch out Edublogosphere… the silent majority is here” at the end of this video. I wonder, how many more students are out there doing this? While I know students are the majority in education, how many are actually doing the things that the students of Students2.0 are doing? I’m assuming that’s what this project is all about, students2.0 pushing educators and students to think and learn differently.

BTW, Arthus is one of the people who encouraged me to make a donation to OLPC through the G1G1 program.

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