As If We Needed More Proof…

If administrators, principals and technology specialists are unsure of where the world of mobile computing is headed they need look no further than World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Mobile Web Inititative.

“The Mobile Web Initiative’s goal is to make browsing the Web from
mobile devices a reality”, explains Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director and
inventor of the Web. “W3C and mobile industry leaders are working
together to improve Web content production and access for mobile users
and the greater Web.”

Community members are supporting standards for authoring web content for use on mobile devices. This sort of movement is a clear sign that content providers are seeing the value of ubiquitous computing.

‘m wondering how many administrators and principals are walking around their schools with Treos, or similar handhelds, accessing and sending e-mail, checking student databases, browsing webpages, getting answers to questions and problem solving. These are things that we try to get our students to do.

It is becoming very easy to get access for students. Access to computers, even in urban and rural areas, is made much easier with a handheld initiative. Here is something I heard about when I met Elliot Soloway and Cathie Norris of Go Know, Inc.

Nova5000 offers schools a price performing solution for all of their computing needs, in the classroom, in the lab, at home and for outdoor activities by combining powerful computing performance with patent pending data logging functionality. National Science Foundation research demonstrates that probeware functionality can substantially improve student achievement in mathematics and science. The Nova5000 is the perfect device for 1:1 initiatives, science classrooms and general student computing.

This tool could add to the list of schools and districts that are going 1:1. This tool is very versatile and has functionality for any content area in school. Makes me wish I were a student again.

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