What Should Students Experience Each Year?

Off and on over the past few months I’ve been thinking of Web 2.0, technology and how we can be more globally connected. In doing so, I thought that each student should have a global experience at least once in their K-12 education. Further thought led me to think how ridiculuous that last statement really was.

“…a global experience at least once…”

Teachers should be having these experiences each year with students, several times a year in fact.

This begs the question a couple questions…

  1. Should every teacher strive to make a global connection at least once throughout the year with students?
  2. What other experiences should students experience each year?

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  1. Brian–
    GREAT questions…the one challenge I think is in acquiring access to the tools that can enable teachers to provide these opportunities. Our pre-school inservice had our ENTIRE HS faculty thinking and planning, but without enough access to the technology, teachers will struggle. Worth thinking about but still frustrating.

  2. Kristin, while they are thinking and planning I would hope that they are asking… “what tools are necessary to achieve these goals?”

    I often ask the teachers that I meet with what their goals are before they can ask me if a certain technology (tool) would work for them. I then try to “prescribe” what tool would best meet learning needs for the students as well as the teachers.

    My previous posts on the Intelligent Classroom were meant to give base for what a technology rich classroom would look like. However, it still boils down to the goals and outcomes of the learning experiences as well as how often students get to experience and practice the skills necessary to succeed in their future. How many times have we seen teachers put together a one-time experience only to “just get through this” and never do it again?

    What experiences lend themselves to consistency across years of experience?

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