iPods 1 — Handhelds 0

AP Photo/David ZalubowskiThat's the score when we look at this use for Apple's video iPod compared to trying to use a handheld. This is awesome. There is no question as to why someone would want an iPod over a "traditional" handheld when you consider what the Colorado Rockies (and I'm sure others) baseball team has done with collecting and downloading opposing hitters and pitchers video to their players iPods. What else would they use? These players are constantly on the go from city to city, bus to plane and have a lot of down time in the clubhouse and hotel rooms. Wouldn't you want your student's or student-athlete's time occupied with learning this way? This is ubiquitous learning.

It's only a matter of time before schools adopt this type of use of iPods. I can imagine it starting with athletics… I already have loaded my sons wrestling matches on his 60 GB device so he can watch and learn from. I can see football coaches loading "film" on iPods for players to study. It would then trickle to other areas of education as Tim Wilson writes at The Savvy Technologist. (I hope it happens in reverse, but as we can see MLB is ahead of most of education).

If you know me, I have consistently asked the question "why are schools choosing the iPod over a Palm or Windows Mobile handheld?" As I mentioned in my post "To iPod or not to iPod" I mentioned that storage size is a major feather in the iPod's cap. This doesn't mean that a handheld can't handle video, it simply can't handheld the quality or amount of video an iPod can at this time. It also means that handhelds have a way to go until they are as seamless as iTunes and the iPod. This sure to be discussed (and already has) further.

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