It’s Got to be me

I’m cynical. Pessimistic.  A nay-sayer among nay-sayers… and I’m sorry.

In conversation with a small group of teachers today I realized that I’m not giving educators enough credit for being learners. Deep down I know they learn, we all learn.  So why am I generalizing them to a lot that, as I sometimes see, cannot or will not learn for themselves? 

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  1. Apology accepted. We’re always learning, and sometimes it takes us time to integrate what we’re learning on our own into our teaching. I think the challenge for educators is to use educational technology while at the same time not having that technology overshadow the content of what we’re teaching.

  2. Thanks Roxanne. Your comment here proves that you are reading and learning. πŸ™‚

    It’s funny, I know what educators are going through. I agree (and in fact preach) that technology should never overshadow the learning outcomes. I often talk of how the most powerful uses of technology is where it is transparent and not the focus. I guess much of what I’ve been working on and pushing with educators doesn’t seem to have taken hold yet. I guess this approach to infusing technology it isn’t happening as fast as I want it to happen.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. It’s nice to have local folks in here sharing. Really nice.

  3. Hi Brian.
    I remember my first time out as a newly minted “technology integrator”. I had an audience of 6 people. They were TOLD to attend.

    Two read newspapers.
    Two knitted.
    One listened.
    One learned.

    And so did I. From that point on, I avoided any “mandatory” change sessions!

    Anyway, I have worked with many thousands of teachers in my career. Those that I can excite and help remember that they are learners FIRST, then teachers, will come to me and leave me with something. Those that forget that and think they know everything.. well.. they go away until they do remember.

    Don’t focus on what you can teach to others and how they receive it. Focus on what you can learn FOR others and how you will excite them with your own discoveries! That’s the model they need.

    Keep the faith! πŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for you comment and encouragement Dan. I partly wrote that as a reminder to myself that there are many educators out there learning. I sometimes too often generalize them to the point that when I speak to groups of teachers I may make them feel as though I’m telling them they are not learners.

    Some will say to focus on only those teachers that care to learn, but what about those that don’t realize they can?

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