Mobile Classrooms

As this blog grows I hope to have real classroom applications about how education is going mobile. Ian Marsden, in Australia, had his students to a simple activity with their Windows Mobile devices in a Waste and Water Audit of their school's grounds. This is a simple, but important example of how handhelds can make a classroom mobile. You don't necessarily have to leave school grounds to be mobile. Though I can't be sure (I'm in New York), I imagine that Ian's activity was more organized and less time consuming because of the use of handhelds. Would you want to duplicate data entry from a sheet of paper to a computer opening yourself up for errors? I didn't think so. Handhelds are a tool that makes learning fun and easier, as you can see in this example.

How else are handhelds making your activities more organized or easier to accomplish? Send your replies to as I get more I'll post them here on

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