The Fischbowl: Dear Denver Post – You’re the Disappointment

I teach high school. I love all of high school, including high school sports, and including the fun that students have at Friday night (or Thursday night this week for us) football. So I understand the intent of the following headline in The Denver Post.

But, as it does every year at this time (and several times throughout the year), The Post throws the rest of school under the bus.

Summer is almost over, and the disappointment about returning to class . . .


Really, Denver Post, that’s the message you want to send? With all your whining on the editorial page about the state of our schools (and pretty consistently getting it wrong by the way), you don’t feel any responsibility to actually read your own paper and perhaps, just perhaps, make sure you aren’t contributing to the anti-education culture of the state of Colorado?

I just had a conversation similar to this in our break room during lunch with some colleagues. The gist was that students who enter HS from a 9th grade academy (9th grade only) were full of themselves and that they needed to be “knocked down for a couple of months”.

I spoke up in aggravation at the gall of another educator putting negative light on students and school in general.

This may seem like nit-picking, but really, do we want to add to the negativity at any level?


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