Traditional Handhelds?

A good article was posted on Brighthand a few weeks ago (yep, I'm a little slow to get to all 2500+ Bloglines feeds) about the Case for PDAs by Antoine Wright. Antoine wrote about the case for older, traditional (non-cellular, non-WiFi, non-Bluetooth) handhelds. I have been thinking a bit on this very subject for schools. I don't believe this "changing of the guard" from the "traditional" handheld (have they been around long enough for this term?) to "connected" handhelds applies to all sectors, namely education. Despite this belief, I applaud this movement. If the corporate world wants to discard these traditional handhelds, I have a suggestion… create a donation program to schools. There may very well be a program like this already in place and if you know of one, please let me know. But it just makes too much sense not to recycle the used or barely used handhelds into students hands. What a great marketing strategy. A company creates a program that recycles it's "old" handheld technology into the hands of students, the students and teachers then use them to learn and solve problems and whatever type of device that is being donated get's free advertising via use of future potential customers. Everybody wins. Especially the kids. Antoine actually mentions his former school and the different thought process that occurs (or should):

"it is amazing how in each visit that I am reminded of something: the technology they have picked up and use is much more about getting a problem solved, rather than showing off the latest thing."

Now that's what I'm talking about.

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