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Here is my post for the EduBloggerWorld Meet Up.

Where do you blog?
At home mostly, my work time is mainly made up of serving our students, teachers, and administrators, but is the source of many of my blog posts. I also blog from conferences and workshops and, although rarely, a meeting worthy of being blogged. 🙂 I also enjoy a good coffee shop with free wi-fi, don’t we all?

Home Office (Read some notes)

Work Office (Read some notes…)

How often do you blog?
I try to blog at least once a week as I learn more about blogging and connecting with others. I have a lot of posts brewing at anyone time, some make it to publish, some don’t. (I hope some of you experience the same or I’m just really bad (or busy)).

What do you blog about?
I started blogging about mobile technology, specifically handheld computers at, but I found that having a blog dedicated to just mobile technology wasn’t working out well. I wanted more so I decided to blog here about education, learning and technology. I pepper in a few posts about mobile technology from time to time and I’m sure there will be a variety of topics concerning potential and ongoing projects that I am involved with at work.

Why is blogging so important to you?
It’s all about learning. I am learning so much from all the RSS feeds that I read. It’s truly a great system. This blog is just one way I hope to contribute back to the edublogosphere that has provided me with so much.

I also hope that this blog will stand as an example of how teachers and administrators (and ultimately students) can build connections and extend learning beyond the school walls and established school hours.

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