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  1. This is a big, tough, knotty question. The obvious, yet unsatisfying, answers include things like:
    -show them Stuart browns TED talk on play
    -have them read Stuart Brown’s book on play
    -show them what is happening with the creative and playful atmosphere at stanford’s d.School
    -show them how play inspires creativity and innovation in our world’s leading companies

    The cultural forces against play are really, really strong right now (see the NY Times article on 2-3 year olds doing skill and drill work in The Kuman learnin centers)–this list of ideas seems lame and lacking given this trend, but I hold out hope that we’ll somehow be able to inject a culture of play back into childhood and the k12 environment once again.

  2. No doubt it’s a knotty question. I wonder… is semantics at work here? What if we substitute the word ‘exploration’? Will it help relay the message? Even if, I’m afraid many won’t consider it due to the antithetical relationship to current education reform movements. Even if they are semantically on the same page.

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